Green Snake ® Hemp Juice

Erfrischender SaftThe Essence of Cannabis is in the Hemp Juice.

The freshly pressed juice from the leafy tops of approved European Cannabis plants is the base for new, refreshing beverages and vitalizing products with a young and natural attitude – displaying responsibility for sustainable development.


• Getränke und Produkte aus dem Saft von frisch gepresstem Hanf (Cannabis).
• Beverages and products from freshly pressed hemp juice (Cannabis).
• Boissons et produits sur un jus du chanvre (Cannbis) pressé fraîchement.
• Bebidas y productos basados en el jugo natural de cáñamo (Cannabis).
• Bevande e prodotti basati su spremuta di canapa (Cannabis).
• Bebidas e productos baseados do sumo de cânhamo natural (Cannabis).
• Напитки и продукты на основе свежевыжатого сока растения (Cannabis).
• 由欧洲批准的大麻植物新鲜榨取原汁为基础的饮品

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