Utilizing Cannabis Juice for Human Consumption

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The freshly pressed juice of the upper leafy part of certified EU Cannabis plants is the basis of new, refreshing beverages and vitalizing products.

  • Beverages
    • Original juice in mixed drinks without alcohol, with or without CO2
    • Beverage mixed with alcohol, with or without CO2
    • Alcohol distillate
    • Alcoholic drinks brewed from the original juice
    • Syrup
  • Nutritional supplements
    • To avoid nutritional deficiencies
    • As supplemental dietary fiber
  • As taste enhancer in food and drinks and mixed with spices
    • in beverages
    • in spice mixture
    • in convenience foods
    • in salt
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs

The utilization of the Cannabis juice for human consumption is regulated by international pending patents , utility model protection and trademark.

Utilizing the Cannabis Juice for other things than Human Consumption

  • Animal Feed
    • Fermenting the press remnants of the juice from the leafy tops in a silo
    • Feeding the juice from the hemp fibers and shives
  • Biogas
    • Using the juice from fibers and shives in biogas plants
    • Using the press remnants of the juice from the leafy tops
    • Using the juice from the taproots
    • Using the press remnants from the taproots
  • Chemical Industry
    • Using the lactic acid from fermenting processes from the juice, and from the press remnants for the chemical industry
  • Leather Industry
    • Using the evaporation liquids for leather treatment
  • Fertilizer
    • Using the juice from the taproots as fertilizer on the field