Exclusive License

For Cannabis juice as well as for beverages and products made on the basis of Cannabis juice:

Pressing fresh Cannabis juice for human consumption is protected by World-Patent and Utility Model Protection for Cannabis Juice. Quality is controlled and guaranteed by the quality seal GreenSnake® registered trademark.

Karte Patent GreenSnake® weltweitIn view of the high investment costs to make hemp juice of high quality, we have withdrawn the open license agreement at the patent office. We now offer only exclucive licenses.

In general we envision giving licenses to several hemp growers per country to deliver hemp juice. However, licenses for beverages and products made on the basis of Cannabis juice protected by our patents will be awarded on an exclusive basis.

Licenses on an exclusive basis will be offered only to internationally operating companies.*

We welcome your inquiry at info@green-snake.de or info@claremont-collection.de

* The offer made pertains solely to our own patent rights. The rights of other patent holders, holders of Utility Model Protection and Trademarks are not to be touched by this offer.